Bus Transit

East Chicago Transit (ECT) provides free fixed route bus and Complementary Paratransit service. We thank everyone for using ECT. With your cooperation we can do our best to provide a safe and comfortable ride for all passengers and drivers.

ECT drivers do their best to follow the posted schedules for fixed route buses and the reservation schedules for paratransit rides. However, sometimes road construction, inclement weather, trains, waiting for passengers to be seated, traffic tie-ups, or other unforeseeable events cause delays. Your patience and understanding are appreciated.

Man Next to an East Chicago Transit Bus


ECT riders may file a complaint if they have a problem or dissatisfaction with any aspect of ECT service. A complaint may be submitted in writing using the form. View the Complaint Form (DOC).

A complaint may also be phoned into the ECT office, emailed, or sent by fax. Assistance with completing the form will be provided upon request by contacting ECT.

Submission Details

Complaints should be submitted within 10 days of the incident.

The complaint should include the date of the incident, location, who was involved, and a description of what occurred.

Preferably complaints should include the complainant’s name and contact information. Complaints made anonymously will be investigated by ECT, but it will not be possible to provide feedback without contact information for the complainant.


ECT will review the complaint within 30 business days of receipt and if contact information is provided, will notify the complainant of the resolution.


If the complaint is not resolved to the complainant’s satisfaction, he or she can appeal the resolution thin 10 days of receiving notice. The ECT appeal form can be obtained by contacting ECT or by downloading the Complaint Appeal Form (DOC). Assistance with completing the form will be provided upon request by contacting ECT.

The appeal should be submitted to The Mayor's Committee for the Disabled  at:
4527 Indianapolis Blvd
East Chicago, IN 46312

A Committee designee or ECT Director will notify the complainant within 10 business days of the determination of the appeal. 


In observance of   Good Friday and Easter Holiday

There will not be any bus service on:

Friday - April 10, 2020

Saturday - April 11, 2020


Monday - April 13, 2020

Have A Great and Safe Holiday

  1. Photo of Frank Rosado, Bus Transit Director

    Frank Rosado

    Phone: 219-391-8465

Department Hours:

Monday-Friday  8AM-4PM
  1. How to Ride ECT Fixed Route Buses
  2. How to Use Complementary Paratransit Service
  3. Information & Policies
  4. Reasonable Accommodations & Alternate/Accessible Formats


  • After exiting, stand back and wait for the bus to leave. Do not cross or step in front of the bus when exiting.
  • Be visible to the driver as the bus approaches your stop - Clearly signal to the driver that you wish to board.
  • Before boarding, as a courtesy, take a moment to allow exiting passengers to leave the bus.
  • Collapse strollers, carry children onto the bus in your arms, and place stroller out of the aisle - An open stroller in the aisle is a hazard for everyone on board.
  • Do not ask the driver to stop another bus while buses are in motion.
  • ECT buses will stop at any major intersection, transfer point, or designated stops along the route as long as it is safe to do so. Drivers are instructed not to board or de-board riders where it may be unsafe.
  • The front seats are designated for elderly people or persons with disabilities.
  • If you must stand while the vehicle is in motion, please use the handrails.
  • Limit personal items to those you can personally carry -  Maintain a hold on all personal items you place on the floor. Keep aisles and doorways clear of personal items.
  • No cursing, horseplay, fighting - Respect fellow passengers and the bus driver.
  • No sleeping - Please be alert at all times.
  • Please remain seated (or use handrails) until the bus comes to a complete stop. Watch your step and request that the driver use the bus kneeling feature when exiting the bus, if needed.
  • Proper attire is required -  Hoods and masks must be removed when boarding bus.
  • To exit the bus, signal the operator by pulling the signal cord or pressing the signal strip as you approach your destination
  • Watch your step and request the driver to use the bus kneeling feature if you need this assistance.