Advertise on East Chicago Transit (ECT) buses and take advantage of the low cost and high visibility that it offers. ECT has a total of five buses at this time (number of buses is subject to change), three buses in route that provide service throughout the City of East Chicago and parts of Griffith and Hammond.

Bus Hours

Three buses are in service from 5:55 a.m. to 8:44 p.m, Monday through Friday and three buses on Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4:31 p.m. ECT has no service on Sundays or Holidays.

Note that all buses are rotated daily.

Print Advertisement Information

The advertiser is responsible for contracting with a printing company for the design and printing of the material to be displayed. The advertiser is responsible for all printing and design costs. ECT does not endorse or recommend any printing company. Advertisers must provide displays for all buses.

Exterior Frames

  • Curb Side Frame: 22 by 73 by 1/8 inches (4 millimeters) thick
    • Advertising Area: 19 by 70 inches at $100 per month, per frame
  • Rear Frame: 22 by 73  by 1/8 inches (4 millimeters) thick
    • Advertising Area: 19 by 70 inches at $100 per month, per frame
  • Street Side Frame: 29 by 109 inches by 1/8 inches (4 millimeters) thick
    • Advertising Area: 28 by 108 inches at $135 per month, per frame

All exterior signs should be 1/8 inches (4 millimeters) thick and on an exterior Corroplast type of material. No signs other than Corroplast type material are permitted. The material must be able to withstand extreme temperatures and precipitation.

Interior Spaces

Advertising area is 11 by 24 by 1/16 inches (2 millimeters) thick. Ad must be on a plastic or sturdy poster board material to prevent it from bending.

There are 18 interior spaces per bus.

The cost to advertise per interior space is $150 for three months. Each additional interior space is extra.


All advertisers are required to sign an advertising contract.

Term Lengths

A minimum three months advertising contract is required for all exterior and interior space or frame except for political advertising, which can be on monthly basis. A minimum contact must be paid in full when contract is signed. A 10% discount is available on all advertising contracts that exceed 12) months that are paid in advance.


Advertising space is available on a first come–first serve basis.

Political Signage

With regard to political signage, once a candidate has secured advertising on a bus, no other candidate, running for the same office will be advertised in the same venue.

Reservation & Payment

When a reservation for advertising is placed, a $50 deposit (no cash - personal check, certified check or money order only) is required. Contract must be signed and agreed 7 days after deposit is placed. Balance and advertising material will be due 10 days prior to the contract scheduled installation date. If ECT receives a returned check from our bank for a payment made for advertising, the contract will be void and considered breach of contract, ECT reserves the right to accept another check.

Terms & Conditions

Advertisers not meeting this term and condition will be subject to breach of contract and will lose any and all deposit made.

  1. Advertiser is responsible for supplying finished advertising materials to ECT as listed on signed contract Advertiser agrees to deliver finished materials directly to East Chicago Transit (ECT), whose address appears on the top page, at least ten days prior to the installation date. The contents of poster(s) and display material shall be submitted to ECT and shall be subject to the approval of ECT and their decision shall be final.
  2. Loss of service, due to failure of advertiser to furnish ad(s) as provided on signed contract shall be the advertiser’s loss. Other delays in commencing the contracted service, or the omission of materials as contracted for, shall not constitute a violation of this contract, but the advertiser shall be entitled upon either of such happenings to a pro rata credit, or at the option of ECT, to additional service or an extension of the term of the service equivalent to the delay or omission.
  3. Should the advertiser’s materials be damaged for any reason whatsoever, replacement materials shall be furnished by the advertiser upon request, without liability or expense on the part of ECT
  4. Advertiser shall indemnify and hold harmless ECT against any liability to which they may be subjected by reason of the advertising materials displayed under this contract, including by not limited to, liability for infringement of trademarks, trade names, copyrights, invasion of rights of privacy, defamation, illegal competition or trade practices, as well as all reasonable costs, including attorney’s fees, in defending any such action(s).
  5. Loss of service due to any cause beyond the control of ECT, shall not constitute a breach of this agreement, but in such event, advertiser shall be entitled to a pro rata credit for such loss, or at the option of ECT to additional service or an extension of the term of service equivalent to service lost.
  6. In the event that ECT or its representatives subsequently disapprove any advertisement, ECT shall have the right to remove said advertisement forthwith. ECT accepts this contract subject to all federal, state and municipal laws and regulations with respect to the advertising matter to be displayed. In the event such advertising becomes illegal, ECT reserves the right to terminate the contract and the advertiser shall receive a pro rata credit for the remainder of the contract as of the date of removal.
  7. ECT reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time upon default by the agency and/or advertiser in the payment of bills, or other breach, or in the event of any material violation on the part of the agency and/or on advertiser of any of the conditions herein named and upon such cancellation, all advertising done hereunder, including short-term rates or other charges under this contract, and unpaid, shall become immediately due and payable. In case of delinquency of payment, waiver by ECT of any specific breach or breaches of this agreement by the agency and/or advertiser shall not prejudice the rights of ECT hereunder with respect to any breach or breaches not specifically waived by ECT. In the event of suit for the collection of unpaid accounts, all costs of suit, including attorney’s fees shall be added to the monies owed. Term-30 days from date of invoice.
  8. Upon expiration of this contract, materials will be held by ECT and shall not be held liable for materials not picked up by the advertiser within five days after expiration of contract. ECT shall not be held liable for the return of any ad(s) already mounted, i.e., pasted or similarly affixed to panels by ECT
  9. This contract is not assignable by the advertiser.
  10. This contract becomes effective when executed by ECT and contains the full agreement of the parties, and no representation or assurance, verbal or written, shall affect or alter the obligation of either party hereto.
  11. Any bill rendered to the agency and/or advertiser shall be conclusive as to the correctness of the items therein set forth and shall constitute an account stated unless written objection is made thereto by the agency and/or advertiser within 30 days from the rendering thereof.
  12. Advertiser must provide displays for all five buses. This number of buses is subject to change.

This Terms and Condition has been reduced to writing and has been executed by the advertiser and by ECT It contains all of the agreements of the parties hereto, and no agreement not set forth herein shall affect the obligation of either party hereunder. Terms and Conditions are subject to changes.