Facade Rebate Program


East Chicago is undertaking an ambitious downtown renewal plan in an effort to draw more people back to the North Harbor Business District. The appearance of the downtown structures will factor heavily into the success of the North Harbor renewal effort. Currently, the district has been distinguished by the charm of its buildings and pedestrian scale. Unfortunately, many of these structures have unmet maintenance needs that are hastening the decline of their facades.


The East Chicago Facade Grant Program seeks to address the maintenance and rehabilitation needs of building facades in a section of the North Harbor Business District by offering 80/20 matching grants to interested, qualified building owners.

The Mayor and City Council believe this program is in the public interest and that the City has a responsibility to preserve and protect the unique local resources found in the historic North Harbor Business District. The Mayor and City Council also believe that by investing public resources in the downtown, more private entities will find the downtown to be an attractive place to invest.


Landlords with business owners who are commercial tenants with at least a two year leasehold may apply for funds. However, commercial tenants cannot initiate an application without the express written permission of the building owner and the owner’s approval of project described in the application.

Please refer to East Chicago City Council Resolution Number 13-0014 Section IV for specifics and details about eligible participants. The Department of Planning and Economic Development (DPED) and Economic Development Commission (EDC) will administer the program.


We have two facade programs available, one for the north harbor and one citywide. Please download the Harbor Application (PDF) or the Citywide Application (PDF).