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1. Executive Order 20-37 Face Covering Requirement
2. Executive Order No. 20-06 regarding COVID Pandemic
3. Ordinance NO. 20.007
4. List of FDA recalled hand sanitizers
5. What are the safety procedures for the Health Department?
6. What is the Back-On-Track Plan for reopening Indiana?
7. Update August 4: Is there local testing?
8. Rental/ Mortgage Assistance Programs
9. Indiana food bank locations & how to donate.
11. Updated: Guidance and Recommendations for Places of Worship
12. A Guide to Home-Proofing For Flu, Coronavirus And Other Illnesses
13. How many cases are active in our area?
14. What Do I Need to Know About The COVID-19?
15. How Is It Spread?
16. Face mask Sew and No Sew Instructions. CDC pattern Link
17. What Can I Do To Protect Myself?
18. What Are The Symptoms?
19. How Can I Protect Myself When I Travel?
20. What If I Feel Sick? Can I get Tested?
21. I Need Flyers and Handouts
22. When there is minimal, moderate, or substantial community transmission
23. FSSA New child care guidance
24. COVID-19 Guidance for Wearing Face-Coverings in Public
25. COVID-19 Guide for Public Facilities and Organizations
26. COVID-19 Guidance for Homeless Shelters
27. Home Care Instructions for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)