The mayor shall be the chief executive officer of the city and shall make all appointments to all officers and positions of employment authorized by law, except where other provisions have been made by the general assembly of the state. He shall approve or disapprove in writing all ordinances of the common council and shall also perform the duties required by law.

The mayor shall fix the compensation of all officers and employees of the city unless otherwise provided by the general assembly of the state.

All officers and employees of the city, unless otherwise provided by laws of the state, shall serve at the pleasure of the mayor, who may terminate their office or employment at any time.

The mayor shall supervise the conduct of all officers and employees of the city, except where otherwise provided by law, and shall investigate all reasonable complaints made against any officer or employee of the city and shall take appropriate action.

The mayor shall have the authority to act or to designate the officer or employee who shall act in the enforcement of any section of this code on all occasions where the code fails to specify or designate the person who shall be charged with the duty of enforcement.

The mayor's signature shall appear on all licenses and permits granted by the city, except as otherwise provided by law or provisions of this code. The mayor shall have the power to revoke or suspend any license granted by the city, whenever any licensee has violated the terms or conditions of such license or the law, this code or ordinance under which it has been granted.

The mayor may order any theater, music hall or other public building closed, when it is made to appear to him that such public building is, by reason of its construction or management, unsafe to the people therein congregated or to persons adjacent thereto, or that it is not constructed and maintained as required by law or this code.

The mayor shall have the power and authority to cause the display of flags or other decorations in or about the City Hall or other public buildings belonging to the city on such occasions as he may deem proper. The mayor shall have the power to determine the manner of observance of legal or national holidays by officers and departments of the city. The mayor may issue such proclamations from time to time which he deems proper. The mayor shall have power to administer oaths within the city and to solemnize marriages within the county.

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Mayor Anthony Copeland
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