Message from the Director

Welcome to the City of East Chicago's Solid Waste Division web site.
The mission of the Solid Waste Division is to provide services to the residents of East Chicago through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe and well-organized to enhance the welfare of the City of East Chicago.
Sanitary Solid Waste has helped to reduce the amount of waste destined for landfills by establishing many programs to benefit the residents as well as the environment by recycling, composting, education programs, and special yard waste programs to help reduce waste generation.
I have made it a departmental goal to provide the residents of East Chicago the best solid waste service possible. Through the internet you will be able to find information about the services that our department provides. Here is a list of services we provide: Garbage collection, recycle program, street sweeping schedule, graffiti removal, compost program, bagless leaf collection, garbage can distribution, special brush and branch pick-up, 5 star program, snow removal, recycle bin distribution, and special senior citizen programs that are offered through our department, this web site can guide you to the information.
The East Chicago Sanitary Solid Waste Division will continue to improve and expand its services to meet the community’s needs for a clean environment and improved quality of life.

Board of Commissioners
Mrs. Tia Cauley Mr. Ralph Fabbri Mr. Anthony Galindo Mr. Alojzy (Ben) Moricz Mr. Miguel (Mike) Rivera

Compost Collection Schedule

Yard waste / Compost & Branches will be collected depending on the resident’s district.

1st District – Monday
2nd District – Tuesday
3rd District – Wednesday
4th District – Thursday
5th & 6th Districts – Friday
Recycling tips

It's easy to reduce waste at its source: just stop garbage before it's made.

One person's trash is another person's treasure. Useful products get a second chance on life with reuse.

Buy Recycled
Every 40 cases (one ton) of recycled-content paper purchased saves the equivalent of eight full grown trees! Here is information on purchasing recycled-content paper.

Recycle Guide

Recyclers in East Chicago, we need your help!

In order to handle more products, they need properly prepared items.
These guidelines will keep your materials clean and free of contamination.

Aluminum Cans Crushed or Uncrushed
Empty and rinse the cans.

Glass Bottles & Jars Clear, brown and green beverage bottles and food jars
Remove lids and rinse.
Do not include plate glass, ceramics, light bulbs, drinking glasses or ovenware.

Newspapers We accept newspapers and the inserts that come in the paper
Magazines and phone books must be kept out.

Plastics Look for the recycle symbol with a number on the bottom of the recyclable consumer liquid bottles
We accept plastic bottles with the number 1(PETE)or 2 (HDPE).

Corrugated containers Corrugated boxes are the exterior packing cartons
Do not include chipboard such as cereal and food boxes.
Flatten all boxes.

Top Ten Things You Can Do to Make East Chicago
A Cleaner, Healthier Place to Live!

Buy food with less packaging.
Recycle paper and plastic.
Compost leaves and grass.
Go easy on paper products.
Recycle hazardous household items.
Use reusable food containers.
Plant a tree!
Eliminate unnecessary car trips.
Recycle glass and aluminum cans.
Remind Friends and Family to remember the three "R's"
Reduce! Reuse! Recycle!


All yard waste will be collected on your regular scheduled recycle day.

Residents must set their bagged grass clipping, leaves, weeds, plant trimmings and small twigs (less than 6' long - ? "diameter) along the front curb on your regular scheduled recycle day.
Recycling Collection Schedule

145th to Columbus Drive
Baring Avenue
Magoun Avenue
Indianapolis Blvd
148th to 151st
Olcott Avenue
Prarie Park
Tod Avenue
Railroad Avenue

145th to Columbus Drive
Walsh Avenue
Wegg Avenue
Homerlee Street
Northcote Avenue
Olcott Avenue
Tod Park – subdivision area
151st – Chicago Avenue
Northcote Avenue
Baring Avenue
Magoun Avenue
Main Street
Sunny Side
Guadalupe Circle

136th – Columbus Drive
Carey Street
Drummond Street
Euclid Avenue
Ivy Street
Parrish Avenue
Pulaski Street
151st – Chicago Avenue
Wegg Avenue
Homerlee Street
Reading Avenue
150th – Chicago Avenue
Grasselli Street
Carey Street
Drummond Street
Euclid Avenue
Ivy Street
Parrish Avenue
141st – Parrish Avenue
Hemlock Street
Grand Blvd.

135th – Columbus Drive
Deodar Street
Hemlock Street
151st – Chicago Avenue
Beacon Street
Walsh Avenue
White Oak Avenue
Ruth Street
Alder Street
Butternut Street
Catalpa Street
Deal Street
Evergreen Street
McCook Avenue
Alexander Avenue
Melville Avenue
Kennedy Avenue
Huish Drive
Vernon Street
151st – Chicago Avenue

135th – 140th
Fern Street
Grace Street
Block Avenue
Pennsylvania Avenue
Lincoln Street
McKinley Street
West Calumet Complex
Chicago Avenue – Columbus
Penrhyn Place
Narva Place
Emlyn Place
Riga Place
Tod Avenue
New Addition
143rd – Columbus Drive
Carey Street
Euclid Avenue
135th – Columbus Drive
Fir Street
Grand Blvd.
Garbage Collection Schedule

under construction

Section and areas are subject to change, due to Furlough Days and/or Holidays.

Rene Cid
Interim Director
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Keith Selvie

5400 Cline Ave.
East Chicago, IN 46312
Phone: 219-391-8464
Fax: 219-391-8340