Creating Safer & Attractive Neighborhoods

Primary Areas of Enforcement

Property Maintenance

•Lawns and landscaping meeting codes.
•Building structure, siding, stairs, porches, gutters, and roofs meeting codes.
•Garage structure, doors, roofs, and proper mailing address posted on rear of garage.
•All properties must be maintained free of all junk, litter, garbage & debris.

Rental Property

•Landlords must annually register every rental property owned in the City of East Chicago at the Building Department, 4444 Railroad Ave., East Chicago, IN.
•Every structure with three (3) or more units must obtain a dumpster through a private garbage removal service.
•Proper entrances and exits for each building to meet codes.
•Proper smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors to meet codes.
•Furnaces and water heaters functioning to meet codes.
•Housing Standards are kept to meet codes.


•Parking on designated areas on city
•Parking in driveways according to codes.
•Parking on the lawful side of the


•Proper vehicle registration is necessary to be parked on the city streets or in private driveways.
•Out of state plates need to be changed within sixty (60) days of person becoming an Indiana resident.
•Vehicles must be in operating condition to be parked on the city streets, parking lots, driveways and moved within seventy-two (72) hour time periods to meet code.


•Proper city licenses must be applied for and obtained prior to opening a business in the city.
•Every business must obtain its own private garbage removal service.
•The exterior and interior of all businesses must meet all code requirements.

These are just a few of the areas that the Code Enforcement Department is authorized to enforce. If you have any questions on any of the above topics or other possible code issues, please feel free to call our office at (219) 391-8351.


Mayor Anthony Copeland envisions a city that with safe and attractive neighborhoods. Together the City and the property owners can work together to keep property in compliance with municipal codes. The upkeep of lawns, buildings, and garages in each and every neighborhood is essential for the beautification of the entire city. The parking and proper registration of vehicles is important for the safety of our citizens. The Code Enforcement Department and the citizens working together can make East Chicago a viable, safe, and more attractive city.

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