Business Check List

1.  Floor and Site Plan (See Planning Department. For industrial, review Development Plans, Ord. #0-98-0002.)
2.  Employer Identification Number 
3.  Certificate of Assumed Business Name
4.  Proof of Motor Vehicle Business License
5.  Surety Company (Continuation Certificate)
6.  Proof of Commercial Lease
7.  Proof of Certificate of Insurance
8.  Proof of Cosmetology License
9.  Proof of Retailer Permit (Alcohol and Tobacco Commission)
10. Certificate of Incorporation
11. Articles of Incorporation (State Form 4159)
12. Photo of Vehicle for Hire
13. State ID and/or Permanent Resident Card
14. Indiana Certificate of Vehicle Registration
15. Commercial Auto Insurance Coverage Summary
16. Day Care – Certificate of Registration
17. Proof of Indiana Family and Social Services Administration Division of Family Resources Child Care Home License
18. Proof of Child Center License
19. Proof of Notary Public
20. Proof of Certificate of Insurance (Occurrence Coverage) 
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