Handicap Signs Application Instructions

The following information must be submitted to the Engineering Department
office to re-new or to request a new handicap sign:

For applicants with handicap plate:

* Current vehicle registration
* Driver’s License
* Telephone number

For applicants with handicap placard:

* Current handicap placard with receipt from BMV (or copy of receipt)
* Driver’s License
* Telephone Number
* All information on the documentation must be current and accurate.
* All handicap signs are valid for two-year intervals.
* Signs for residents with only handicap plates will expire 2 years after the transaction date of their vehicle registration.
* Signs for residents with plates as well as a handicap placard will expire two years after the date the paperwork is submitted.
* Handicap residents that have a consistent driver are allowed to submit the same information as above for applicants with a handicap placard.
* Handicap Sign Applicants of multi-unit buildings must submit a letter from the landlord granting permission to install a handicap sign in front of the property. A sign will only be installed after being reviewed by the engineering department.
* Handicap signs will not be installed in neighborhoods with over-congested parking, or at residences with driveways.
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