If you are experiencing a problem with a street light please send us an email to notify us or call the Engineering Department with the following information listed in the form to the right.


Please make sure you let us know if it is a wooden pole or metal with the pole number.

Some lights are not property of the City of East Chicago so the message will be dispatched to the proper place.

If it is a NIPSCO Light pole please click on the link below.

NIPSCO has become the first utility in the state to offer an online tool for reporting broken or burned out streetlights.

An interactive map on NIPSCO's website now allows customers to search for a streetlight by location or address. By simply placing the mouse over the location, a customer can find out if there are any known problems with the light and report an outage.

"The availability of this new tool is just one of the many ways we're working to continuously improve the services and support we provide for our customers," said Karl Stanley, vice president of commercial operations for NIPSCO.

The map is available at http://www.nipsco.com/streetlight_outage.aspx. Click on "Report a Streetlight Out" under "Residential."

The new technology was developed by IFactor Consulting and uses a combination of NIPSCO's geographic information service and Microsoft Bing Maps.

When a customer reports a burned out streetlight using the map, an incident report is generated with details such as the pole number, address and wattage. If a customer provides an e-mail address, he or she will be notified when the repair is completed.

Customers without a computer or Internet-capable cell phone still may report streetlight outages to the 24-hour NIPSCO customer service center by phone at (800) 464-7726.
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