Department of Redevelopment Residential Repair Program

The Department of Redevelopment, on behalf of the City of East Chicago, allocates a portion of the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and HOME Investment Partnership Grant (HOME) funds, granted by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), to execute the Residential Repair Program (formerly known as the Single Family Rehabilitation Program). This program provides grants and loans to low and moderate income homeowners to enable them to rehabilitate their home in compliance with local and state housing code standards. Household income limits for these funding sources are prescribed yearly through HUD.

The Rehab Program addresses needs that cause health and safety conditions and code violations for the homeowners. Assistance covered by the program includes repairs to the electrical, HVAC, roof, plumbing, and safety systems. Eligible grant funds are limited to $7,500.00 per Homeowner. Amounts that exceed the grant will be incurred by the homeowner as a low interest loan. The combined total of the Grant and Loan may not exceed $33,500.00. Up-front processing fees for the homeowner, which may be incorporated into the loan, may range up to $500.00. Assistance is limited to one time per owner-occupied residence. Contract sales purchases are excluded.

Applications for the Rehab Program are available at the offices of the Department of Redevelopment located at 400 E. Chicago Avenue, East Chicago, IN 46312, or mailed to your location by request. Additional information about the Residential Repair Program may be obtained by calling (219) 391-8513, Extension 229.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. Can I rehabilitate a property owned by my parents?
A. No. the Program is limited to an owner-occupied residence. The occupant must have fee simple title to the property being proposed for rehabilitation. Your parents could make application to participate in the Residential Repair Program at their primary residence within the City of East Chicago, Indiana.

Q. If I submit an application today, how soon can the Rehab Program fix my house?
A. Due to the large interest in the Residential Repair Program, a first-come first-served waiting list is utilized. There is an approximate one-to-two year cavity between the time an application is currently received and thereby pulled for processing. In special situations where safety of property or persons is confirmed, priority may be authorized to serve that particular need of an eligible homeowner in the Emergency Repair Program, for which the homeowner would incur a one hundred percent (100%) loan for the cost of the repair.

Q. Can I do any of the work myself?
A. No. The homeowners are not allowed to personally perform any non-emergency home repairs during the Residential Repair Program construction period. Homeowner repair projects that begin before the start of the Residential Repair Program construction period are required to be complete, including, if applicable, city inspection reports indicating proof that homeowner’s previous project is code compliant.

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