Welcome to the City of East Chicago Planning Department.

The mission of the City of East Chicago Planning Department is to enhance the quality of life for all present and future residents by effectively planning for the physical development of the community. The Planning Department exists to guide public and private development efforts and administer related city ordinances fairly. We convey our responsibilities under direction of the Plan Commission and the Comprehensive Plan while respecting the overall views and interest of the community and people who are impacted by specific projects or changes.
We believe in providing quality service to the public to build consensus solutions that improve the quality of life in the community and help to make East Chicago a better place in which to live, work, and to visit.

Purpose of Planning
The purpose of planning is as follows:

To promote and to protect the public health, safety, morals, comfort, convenience and the general welfare of the people;

To divide the city into zones and districts restricting and regulating therein the location, construction, reconstruction, alteration and use of building, structures and land for residence, business, commercial, manufacturing and other specified uses;

To protect the character and maintain the stability of residential, business, commercial, manufacturing areas within the city and to promote the orderly and beneficial development of such areas;

To regulate the intensity of use of land and to determine the area of open spaces surrounding buildings necessary to provide adequate light and air and protect the public;

To prohibit uses, buildings or structures which are incompatible with the character of development or the permitted uses within specified zoning districts;

To prevent such additions to and alterations or remolding of existing buildings or structures as would not comply with the restrictions and limitations imposed hereunder;

To provide protection against fire, explosion and other hazards in the interest of public health, safety, comfort and the general welfare.

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Office Hours: Monday - Friday
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