Uniform Schedule Fee

The Plan Commission consists of nine members. Five members are citizens of the city who are qualified by knowledge or experience to act in matters pertaining to the development of a city plan, who shall not hold any other office in the city government and who shall be appointed by the mayor; the remaining four members are representatives from the Common Council, Park and Recreation, President of Board of Works, and City Engineer.

The Plan Commission reviews plats and other land subdivisions, site plans for commercial and industrial buildings, conditional use permits, and other land use issues.
Meeting Schedule

This calendar shows the approximate number of meetings to final actions. In many situations, additional meetings may be required before final action is taken by the Plan Commissioners. To assure that matters which come before the Plan Commissioners can be given full consideration and informed decision, all required plans and other documents shall be submitted to the City of East Chicago Planning Department in accordance with the following deadlines.
The Plan Commission Workshop and Regular meetings are mandatory meeting attendance. A Petitioner seeing Development
Plan approval will be placed on the Plan Commission Agenda and shall attend a regularly scheduled Plan Commission Workshop meeting to answer any questions by Plan Commission members and/or Planning Department Staff. A petitioner who has had its Development Plan discussed and analyzed at the Plan Commission Workshop meeting shall also attend the next scheduled Plan Commission Regular meeting to hear any motions to approve the Petitioner’s Development Plan. The petitioner must be present to answer any additional questions by the Plan Commission and/or Planning Staff as necessary before the Plan Commission approval of the development plan. Non-attendance to the Plan Commission will delay a request for a building permit until the next regular Plan Commission meeting when the development plan will be reviewed.

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