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Splash Pad Rules
Hours of Operation
Friday – Saturday – Sunday - Monday 12:00 noon - 7:00pm

*open additional days/hours as weather and staff permit*
Call the Marina at 219-391-8482 for more information.
Splash Pad may be closed at any time due to inclement weather,
maintenance, or operational concerns.
The City of East Chicago or its agents are not responsible for any injuries incurred while at the Lakefront including but not limited to the Splash Pad, Beach, Restrooms, Shelters, Breakwater, Parking Lot, you enter these facilities at your own risk.

Splash Pad is for children only up to age 14. All children ages 10 & under must be supervised by an adult.
Proper swim attire is required. Slip-resistant water shoes are recommended.
Swim diapers are required for all children under the age of 3.
No running, horseplay or profane language is permitted. Individuals engaging in unsafe or disruptive behavior will be required to leave.
No climbing, leaning, sitting or jumping or running on fence, water sprays or plant beds.
Food, drink and glass containers are not allowed in the splash pad area.
Coolers are not allowed on the Splash Pad.
No chairs, handbags, toys, cell phones, cameras, or tablets, headphones,
allowed on Splash Pad.
No bathing, soap, detergent or shampoo allowed in Splash Pad area.
No skateboards, skates, razors, rollerblades, scooters, bicycles allowed.
NO CHARCOAL OR OPEN FLAME COOKING. No grilling in the entire Splash pad area or under sun shades and at tables. Grilling with propane/butane only is allowed on the beach and under the shelters in designated areas. You must clean up after yourselves and dispose of grease in garbage receptacles.
Entire Splash pad area including under sun shades and at tables is a tobacco-free zone. SMOKING IS NOT ALLOWED.
No pets allowed on the Splash Pad or Beach area per E.C. City Ordinance § 90.046. Penalty § 90.999.
No Loud Music allowed.
Pick up your own trash.

Report any concerns The East Chicago Marina office 219-391-8482.
For emergencies dial 911. For urgent not emergencies call the
East Chicago Marina Guard House 391-8374.

Shelters and picnic tables are available for general use unless reserved and rented. Groups with a reservation permit have priority use of shelters and picnic tables. City of East Chicago reserves the right to remove any person or group from the splash pad or beach violating any of the above rules.