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This Department is responsible for ensuring that local landlords, business and restaurant owners, grocers, vendors, food merchants, and all food servers provide safe, clean, habitable environments for East Chicago residents.
Inspectors investigate calls and complaints about food and environmental contamination in both commercial and residential settings.
Call us in advance at 391-8467 for information on business codes, licensing, and food/environmental health precautions.
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Description of the full scope of services addressed and offered.
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Process of securing a permit for festivals and special events.
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Vendors, Food Handlers
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Does & Don’ts
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Gerri C. Browning, MD
Health Commissioner

100 W. Chicago Ave.
East Chicago, IN 46312
PH: 391-8467
Fax: 391-8494

Office Hours: Monday - Friday (Administration)
8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

*NOTE: Other divisions have different hours