Building permits can be sent via email to,, or in person to the Building Department.

The following information is required before applying for a permit. Application Plan Examination/Building Permit forms are provided by the Building Department.



  • If applicant is a contractor, he/she must hold a valid license with the City of East Chicago.


  • Applicant will be required to submit a list of sub-contractors performing work, to include company name(s), contact person(s), address(es) and telephone number(s). 


  • Applicant is required to provide plat of survey, sketch and/or site plans for projects.  For major projects, two (2) sets of plans are required.


  • If applicant is a contractor, he/she is required to provide copy of contract entered into with property owner.


  • If applicant is a property owner, a homeowner’s test may be required before a permit is issued.


  • An inspection of the site where the work is being performed will be required before the issuance of a permit.


  • Permit fees vary and fee schedules are available upon request at the Building Department office.


  • Forty-eight (48) hour waiting period is required for the issuance of a permit.