City-Wide Water Meter Replacement Program

The City of East Chicago Water Department is in the midst of installing a City-wide uniformed water metering system replacing approximately 6,900 residential, commercial, and industrial type meters. This is being done as the majority of our existing meters have been in service since the structures have been built and they have reached the end of their expected service life.

Meter Installation Schedule

The City of East Chicago has contracted with Calumet City Plumbing Company to replace and install the new water meters. The meter replacement project commenced in 2018 and will continue until early Summer. You will receive a notice that includes instructions on scheduling an appointment for your service.

Replacing a water meter typically takes approximately 30 minutes and the customer’s water service will be turned off for approximately 15 minutes. We are requesting your cooperation in making sure that you schedule your appointment to replace your meter as soon as you receive your notification from Calumet City Plumbing.

Customer Service Benefits

In our effort to enhance customer service and conserve water resources, our customers will have the capability:

  • This will allow customers to proactively manage leaks and water consumption
  • To set up alerts for leak detection, over budget notifications, etc
  • To view and track in real time and manage your water usage 24/7 through the My Water Advisor Application
    • This will be available once your new meter is installed and will easily guide our customers to create an account and start viewing account information.
  • To view daily, monthly, hourly and yearly water usage, as well as to forecast consumption

Water Department Benefits

This project is critical for the efficient management and operation of the Water Department - which will be more efficient in maintaining accuracy of the recording of overall water consumption and loss, with fewer resources. Other benefits to our department and City include:

  • Ability to remotely secure collections of metering directly from water meters eliminating on-site readings. This will include an Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) system that will automatically collect and transmit data from the new meters directly to the Water Department.
  • Ability to receive timely notifications of reverse flow, leaks, tamper and theft alerts, as well as inactive meters
  • Our overall goal is to conserve and account for all water while making sure billing is accurate and improving our customer service and operations with easy system monitoring and control