Message from the Mayor


Two months into 2023 and our to-do list is filling up fast. Because we haven’t been overwhelmed with winter weather – and my fingers are crossed – we have been able to roll up our shirtsleeves and get everything ready to begin construction as soon as the ground thaws.

Since I became mayor we have been working to create new and upgraded homes, neighborhood by neighborhood. We want families to find the homes they are looking for in East Chicago. It’s the key to the long-term stabilization of the city and local economy. 

History tells us: When neighborhoods grow and prosper, start-up businesses will follow right behind. Using a blueprint like the one we laid down in Sunnyside, we are focusing our efforts to aid in the preservation and rebirth of Marktown.

In many ways, it’s a story of opposites: While we work to preserve the unique look and feel of the 106-year-old neighborhood that is Marktown, we are creating new neighborhoods that have the amenities today’s families are seeking – such as upgraded pedestrian walks and streetscapes.

The beautification and amenities of the new Marktown roundabout should be completed this fall.
That includes the installation of a metal sculpture in the center of the roundabout, like those featured throughout the city, as well as many other streetscape features. 

This year is going to be exciting!