Can I request my certificate through the mail?

Yes. Depending on the location you are mailing from we advise the round trip mail to be between 10 and 16 business days. Mail ordering is still dependent upon State Laws concerning valid identification and familiar relation.

  1. Photocopy of valid driver’s license, state ID, or 3 alternative documentation
    • If you are ordering a relative or spouse's birth certificate, please refer to the list of documents you will need to provide with the order.
  2. Must fill out the birth request form: English    Spanish, or provide a handwritten/typed note with the following information.
    • Birthday month/day/year
    • Both parents name
    • Full name at birth
    • Mother’s maiden name
    • Telephone to be reached at
  3. Final documents:
    • Payment is exclusively in money order form, and made out to East Chicago Health Department
    • Each Certificate copy will be $12, for more copies please multiply accordingly - No personal checks or cash, or it will be sent back.
    • Include self-addressed, self-stamped envelope for return.
  4. Must be mailed to:
    100 W Chicago Avenue
    East Chicago IN, 46312, Suite 100 A
    Attn: Vital Records

Alternatively, you may print the certificate application from the website and mail it with a photocopy of valid driver’s license, valid state ID, or 3 alternative documentation, money order, and self-addressed stamped envelope.

You may call the East Chicago Health Department 7 business days after mailing your forms to see if we have received it and if it has been put back into the mail, 219-391-8413.

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