Can I purchase my certificate online?

Yes. Below are the instructions for online ordering. There will be a difference in price for online ordering versus mail or office visit, and it will require a fax. Online ordering is faster than mail ordering but will come at slight fee increase. There is regular mail shipping (7 to 10 business days) or UPS overnight (2 to 3 business days) shipping available. Without faxing your items to the Health DPT will Not know your order exists and will remain incomplete. You will be charged without receiving the certificate.

Online ordering is still dependent upon State Laws concerning valid identification and familiar relation.

  1. Access the VitalChek website  (This is a verified website also used by State.)
  2. Select order birth certificate
  3. Select state of Indiana
  4. Select city of East Chicago
  5. Health Department will be – East Chicago Indiana Department of Public Health (Do not select Indiana State. Indiana State will take 3-4 months to process.)


  • There are two shipping methods 1 regular mail (no cost) 2 UPS Air ($17.50) shipping will automatically select UPS, unselect if not wanted.
  • Each certificate is $12, website charges $8.50
  • In total Regular mail order for 1 certificate is $20.50, UPS for 1 certificate is $38. If you are in need of multiple certificates the shipping fee and service charge does not increase, only certificate fee will increase.

To Complete Your Order

  • After you put in debit/credit information and purchase you must download and print this page. That will be your authorization form which must be faxed to the East Chicago Health Department to complete your order. Fax number will be on the authorization form. You will also fax a photocopy of your valid license or state ID with the confirmation page. If you do not have a valid drivers or ID please refer to acceptable documents.
  • If you are ordering a relative or spouse’s birth certificate, please refer to the list of documents you will need to provide with the order.
  • If you are from an agency, institution, or lawyer please refer to required documentation.
  • For your convenience you can access fax services from public libraries, UPS stores, FedEx stores, and currency exchanges.
  • Faxed orders will be processed before 12 pm Central time.
  • This authorization form and photocopy of license/ID or documents are required to complete your order. Without the fax the Health Department will not know the order exists and the company will take your payment regardless if the Department sends the certificate. No documents are ever faxed or emailed to you, the fax is from you, the customer, to our office for verification.

You may call the East Chicago Health Department at  219-391-8413 to verify we have received your fax.

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