How do I add a father to my child’s birth certificate?

If the child was born at St. Catherine’s in East Chicago you will need to set an appointment with the health department to establish paternity. This affidavit is a legally binding document meaning you need to read and verify each section of information. Once you have signed and should the information be correct, the state will consider this a legally binding document and will not be rectified at the local level therefore after. If a change is desired for the certificate after the state certification verification it will have to be changed through the courts. 

You may contact the Vital Records division at (219) 391-8413 to make an appointment.

Appointment Availability

Appointments are only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for 9 or 10 a.m, except days that fall on the first or the last of the month.

What to Bring

Both parents need to come on the day of their appointment with their valid driver’s license or state ID, and social security cards. 

The fee for an Affidavit is $50. The fee for new birth certificates is $12. Please refer to acceptable payment options.

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1. How do I add a father to my child’s birth certificate?
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