What is the service description?

The Animal Control Department is responsible for controlling stray and unlicensed animals in the community. It is also responsible for assisting in the resolution of other problems relating to animals.

Such problems include:

  • Any animal which is in violation of any City Ordinance
  • Any animal who is being abused
  • Humane capture of  any animal which has intruded in a resident’s home
  • Removal of dead or injured animals from the streets

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1. Who is served?
2. What is the service description?
3. What happens to the animals that bite a person?
4. What are the pet owners responsibilities?
5. What happens to animals running lose?
6. What types of animals does the animal control division pick up?
7. Can cages be rented to capture an animal lingering in the premises of a resident’s home?
8. Who should I call to report an injured, sick, or dead deer?
9. I have concerns about wildlife.