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2023 Park Permit Application Form

  1. We accept:

    •Valid State ID or Drivers license

    •Rental or Lease Agreement

    •Current Utility Bill

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  4. Proof of insurance is required for all inflatables. Failure to inform us or provide proof of insurance will result in forfeiture of your deposit!
    The building and grounds of the public parks of the Parks and Recreation Department shall be available for public use insofar as they may be used as follows:

    1. For recreational, educational, civic requirements, and entertainment programs sponsored by responsible citizens is intended to mean a person at least 21 years of age, property owner of this park district and/or a person otherwise financially responsible.
    2. Facilities shall be available for public use outside of hours required by activities of the Parks & Recreation Department.
    3. Park Property shall not be used for the breaching, promoting, disseminating or furtherance of any authority or of subversive nature, intended to threaten or undermine, or overthrow the constitutional form of government of the United States of America of the State of Indiana.
    4. Park employees may not use park property or facilities for personal gain.
    Upon application to the Parks & Recreation Department facilities will be made available whenever possible to groups and other organizations and persons meeting the following rules and regulations.

    1. The use of facilities for any purpose whatsoever shall be cleared through the Parks and Recreation Department. Upon completion of the application, the applicant shall then present it to the Park Office for determination of fees, responsibilities and services required by the Parks & Recreation Department.
    2. The use of the facilities will be strictly banned to areas designated or intended in the permit. All persons participating in or pertaining to the activity will hold the applicant and his/her organization responsible for the compliance of these rules. Failure to comply with these rules and regulations will be sufficient reason to cancel future privileges of park facilities.
    3. The Director for good cause may cancel all permits issued by the Parks and Recreation Department.
    4. Gambling, drinking alcohol, or the possession of intoxicants within the park facilities or on the park property is specifically prohibited.
    5. No furniture or equipment shall be used or moved without express approval on the permit.
    6. The Parks & Recreation Department and its employees shall not be responsible for injuries, damage to or loss of property upon park premises sustained by the applicant participating in a program or to a patron of any program.
    7. It may be necessary for some organizations, depending on the size of the group, to have security on duty. These personnel shall be procured by the Parks & Recreation Department and charged to the applicant.
    8. Established parking areas shall be used for all vehicles that are parked on park property. At no time shall areas that are in grass, shrubs, etc. be used for parking.
    9. Any permit may be revoked for misrepresentation in the application or violation of terms and conditions of this application concerning policy, ordinances, rules, regulations and laws of the State of Indiana and City of East Chicago.
    1. Concession or refreshment stands shall not be constructed, neither shall refreshments be distributed or concessions authorized in any fashion without the expressed approval of the Parks and Recreation office.
    2. Invasion of any equipment, bleachers, fences or buildings of any nature shall not be permitted without approval in writing by the Parks and Recreation office.
    3. Buildings will not be available for use including toilet facilities unless specifically requested.
    4. All vehicles parked on park property will be towed and you will not receive your deposit back.
    1. Rental fees shall be to the discretion of the Park board.
    2. You must call
    3 weeks before any cancellations in order for you to receive your deposit back. Otherwise your deposit will be kept.
    1. No park equipment will be loaned to individuals or organizations outside the Park District except by written permission from the Director.
    2. In the event equipment is loaned, the recipient will be responsible to see that the equipment is returned in good condition.
    1. All users of park department property or facilities shall assume the responsibility to leave said property in its original state.
    1. If you do not have event due to rain on the day of reservation, you must contact park office within 2 business days after your reservation date to inform them of your cancellation in order to qualify for a rain credit date. A rain date will be given to be used within one year of scheduled picnic date.
    2. Rain Credit will only apply to rentals of general picnic areas and shelters. Rain Credit does NOT apply to Pavilion.
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