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Water Service Line Access Agreement

    The undersigned property owner (Owner) and customer of the East Chicago Water Works Department (the “Department”) hereby warrants, grants and conveys to the Department, its engineers, contractors, agents and employees the right to inspect, test, measure flows or otherwise monitor each underground lateral water service line and the right of access thereto in, upon, under, over, through and across the land over each lateral water service line from the property line to each building located upon the property belonging to the undersigned located at:
  2. Upon inspection of property owner’s water service line, the Department may, at its sole discretion, undertake, at the Department’s expense, to repair, rehabilitate or replace a portion or any part of property owner’s lateral water service line under the conditions contained herein. In consideration of such undertaking by the Department, Owner agrees as follows:

    1. Owner hereby warrants that he is the legal owner of the above described property.

    2. In the event that the Department determines to repair, rehabilitate or replace a portion or any part of property owner’s lateral water service line, Owner agrees to cooperate with Department to allow reasonable additional access for such work, including access to any building, structure, or residence on the property.

    3. Owner releases and waives any claim of liability against Department, and its contractor Calumet City Plumbing, from any consequence of Department’s action including the Department’s determination of corrective actions or the need for such actions, selection of the contractor or employee performing the repairs, or implementation and completion of the corrective action.

    4. The Department will pay the cost for the repair, replacement or rehabilitation of the lateral water servicer line and reasonable restoration of landscaping. The owner acknowledges that the Department will not be responsible for the repair work for dry wall or paneling within finished basements.

    5. Owner acknowledges that he retains ownership of the entire lateral water servicer line from his building to the Department’s water main and that nothing may be inferred from the Department’s undertaking of the corrective action to transfer ownership for any portion of the lateral water service line to the Department.

    6. Owner acknowledges that he is solely responsible for all future maintenance of the lateral water service line and is otherwise solely responsible to keep the lateral water service line in working condition and in a good state of repair.

    7. If the surface of Owners property is disturbed by the Department at any time during the inspection or corrective action performed on Owner’s water service line, the Department shall, at its sole expense, repair and restore any disturbed property to substantially the same condition that existed immediately prior to such disturbances, including necessary repairs of paving and landscaping.

    8. The City’s contractor will not perform any repairs inside the building or premises unless the owner, Tenant, or a responsible person is present at all times.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the City of East Chicago Water Department at (219) 391-8469.
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