The East Chicago Fire Department would like to remind all residents that we are still providing service 24 hours every day for the community during this unprecedented National Emergency.

As always if you need us, dial 911. Help your first responders out by maintaining vigilance with recommended guidance such as washing hands frequently and practicing social distancing. Superior Ambulance, as well as  East Chicago Firefighters responding to medical calls, will practice a six-foot assessment to determine signs and symptoms, so please do not misunderstand the space we are keeping between ourselves and you. This is meant for all of our protection against virus spread.

These pages represent an effort to provide up-to-date information about the East Chicago Fire Department (ECFD) and the people of the ECFD. In addition, we plan to offer many kinds of information you can use including discussion on fire safety, fire prevention codes and answers to frequently asked questions.

For now, explore the pages. Please excuse us as we continue to move things around. And by all means if there is something you would like to see on the East Chicago Fire Department’s website let us know.


The East Chicago Fire Department is dedicated to safely respond, act and mitigate any threat to the safety and well being of the citizens of the City of East Chicago and those within our service area.


The Fire Department will provide exemplary service by maintaining the highest level of training and compliance to national and state standards. This can only be attained by the dedication and spirit of the East Chicago Fire Department members.


View photos of the Fire Department acting in the community via the Photo Gallery.