Animal Control



The Animal Control Division provides 24/7 support in managing stray, lost, injured or dangerous animals.

Mosquito Control

The Division also provides vector (mosquito) abatement services to control the outbreak of mosquito infestation throughout the city of East Chicago from May 31st through October 1st annually.


Citations are also issued through this department for violations of city codes with follow up court action.


In most wildlife cases, East Chicago Animal Control does not deal with roaming opossums, raccoons, squirrels, deer, coyotes, etc. (animals that are not dogs or cats; excluding feral cats). In the case of these listed animals consider a private exterminator or contact The Department of Natural Resources Customer Service Center at 317-232-4200 or 877-463-6367, toll free 1-800-457-8283 Monday through Friday, between the hours of 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Adopt a Sheltter PetAdoptions

Animals are available for adoption check out our Facebook page.

After Hour Situations

After 4 p.m. please contact Police Department 219-660-0000 non emergency services to report nuisance, sick, or loose animals.

Pit Bulls

City Ordinances Extended link

All Animal related City ordinances fall under Chapter 90 of the City Code of Ordinance linked above.


Every owner of a Pit Bull, shall at all times maintain in full force and effect a liability insurance policy of $1,000,000 during the time he/she has the dog. The dog must, at all times, be confined indoors or in a securely and enclosed/locked pen with either a top or sides six feet high. If the dog is not confined it should be muzzled and kept on a leash with the owner or custodian in attendance.


No person shall own, keep or harbor a dog of any age within the city limits unless the dog is licensed as herein provided. Application for the license shall be made to the City Controller and shall state the name and address of the owner and the name, breed, color, age and sex of the dog. The license fee shall be paid at the time of making application, a numbered receipt given to the applicant and a numbered metallic tag shall be issued to the owner. (1995 Code, § 6.12.050) Penalty, see § 90.999

  • § 90.045 RESTRAINT GENERALLY.   

"(A) The owner shall keep his or her dog under restraint at all times and shall not permit the dog to be at large, off the premises or property of the owner, unless under the control of a competent person.   

(B) The owner shall confine within a building or secure enclosure every dog of fierce, dangerous or vicious propensities and not take a dog out of the building or secure enclosure.  (1995 Code,§ 6.12.010) Penalty, see § 90.999 "

  • § 90.048 NUISANCES DECLARED.   

"Any dog is declared to be a nuisance which:   (A) Shall cause serious annoyance or disturbance to the neighborhood or any of the residents therein by its loud, frequent, habitual or continued barking, howling or yelping; or   

(B) Demonstrates aggressive or vicious propensities or temperament, bites or injures a person or other animal. (1995 Code, § 6.12.040) (Ord. 0-95-0010, passed - -1995) Penalty, see § 90.999 "


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