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Mask Mandate in Place for East Employees and Public Buildings



WHEREAS, by operation of Executive Order 22-09, the Governor of the State of Indiana has rescinded the statewide COVID-19-related Public Health Emergency which had been in effect since March 2020; and 

WHEREAS, pursuant to Ind. Code § 10-14-3-29, I, as Mayor and principal executive officer of the City of East Chicago, have the authority to declare a Local Disaster Emergency should the pandemic conditions related to COVID-19 warrant the same, but have elected not to do so at this time; and 

WHEREAS, by and through my Executive Order 23-02, effective May 13, 2023, the previously-existing requirements for all City employees and occupants of City buildings with regard to use of masks or face coverings were lifted and/or made optional, and have remained so until the date of the Executive Order; and 

WHEREAS, the City of East Chicago Health Department has now reported an observed increase in hospitalizations and serious illnesses involving respiratory disease brought about by the most recent COVID-19 variants, along with the Influenza and RSV viruses, which is reflected in data statewide and across the country; and 

WHEREAS, in response, the City of East Chicago Health Officer has issued an Order directing the reinstatement of face covering and/or mask requirements for City employees and other occupants of City buildings; and 

WHEREAS, I, as Mayor of the City of East Chicago, concur with the recent action by the City of East Chicago Health Officer, and believe the same to be advisable at this time; 

NOW, THEREFORE, in accordance with the laws of the State of Indiana, and the authority reserved by the City of East Chicago Municipal Code, by this Executive Order, the following procedures and directives specifically relating to employees and occupants of the buildings of the City of East Chicago are hereby established: 

1. The provisions of Health Officer Order No. 24- 01 are hereby adopted herein and given the force of Executive Order, in the form attached hereto as Exhibit "A".

2.    Executive Order 23- 02, which previously made mask usage optional, shall be amended to the extent that mask usage is no longer optional for City employees and occupants of City buildings until a further Executive Order is issued.

3.    All other aspects of Executive Order 23- 02, specifically including but not limited to requirements for employees to report the onset of symptoms of respiratory illness and leave work or stay home as warranted, are to remain in full effect at least through and including January 2, 2025.

CERTIFIED AND ADOPTED by the Mayor of the City of East Chicago, Lake County, Indiana on this 4 th-, day of January, 2024.

copeland signature003Mayor Anthony Copeland

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Vision Statement

The Health Department team endeavors to promote a healthy and informed community by promoting:

  • Community health education
  • Preventive Practices
  • Risk of harm reduction strategies
  • Wellness activities and initiatives

Our goal is to increase healthy lifestyle choices and outcomes for East Chicago residents and the surrounding communities.

Methods for Achievement

This aim is achieved through; community partnerships with public and private partners, businesses, social service agencies, faith based entities and health provider organizations

It is through and with you that together we make a positive difference in the lives of each other.

Department Fun Facts

  • East Chicago is one of only three cities statewide that continues to operate and manage a local health department for its residents
  • The East Chicago Health Department is the only Health Department in northwest and central Indiana that operates an Animal Control Division at the local level.


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