Mayor's Office

East Chicago is a great community filled with extraordinary people. Our diversity will always be our strength. This City is truly a special place!


There is a great energy in East Chicago because there are a lot of exciting initiatives taking place. Our new parks, designed by neighboring residents, businesses and community organizations, are a great example of the administration's dedication to giving our city back to the community.

North Harbor Revitalization

Our North Harbor Revitalization efforts demonstrate our commitment to residents and attracting new and existing business with our dedication to providing quality housing and stimulating economic growth. 


We have only just begun our efforts with regards to:

  • Economic development
  • Education
  • Providing quality services and creating jobs
  • Public safety
  • Revitalizing our parks

Together, we have balanced the budget and accomplished a great deal in such a short period of time. We look forward to a brighter future in East Chicago.