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One of East Chicago's hidden treasures...

COVID-19 may have caused us to pause our visiting hours to protect ourselves and our community, but we have not paused our work!

In addition to sprucing up our tropical rooms, we have refreshed our aquaponics system with a brand new batch of 1500 trout, began growing squash, beans, peas, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and a few other vegetables to round out our usual leafy greens, and expanded our selection of house plants for sale by more than half.

We are also working to install a few new hydroponic systems that you could use at home!

While you are here, make sure to peruse our “Plants for Sale” page in the left hand navigation bar. Fill out the form if you’re interested in purchasing a plant, and we will connect with you and get your order ready for pick up in the main office.

Don’t forget to like and follow East Chicago Parks and Recreation on Facebook to keep up with our mobile markets, food giveaways, and other events. You’ll also get the most up to date information about when we will be fully opening back up!