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1. Is this birth certificate a legal document?
2. Does this birth certificate include my time of birth and mother’s maiden name?
3. Is this a long form birth certificate?
4. Can I request an Apostille seal from East Chicago?
5. Can I come to the East Chicago Health Department office for my birth certificate?
6. Can I get a social security card from here?
7. Do I need an appointment to get my birth certificate?
8. How long will the in office visit take?
9. My child was recently born, when will the certificate be ready?
10. I was adopted. Can I get my certificate here?
11. What will I need to get my birth certificate?
12. I do not have a valid driver’s license or state ID. What can I do?
13. Is the BMV issued temp paper ID accepted?
14. Who can pick up my birth certificate in the case I cannot pick up my own?
15. I am recently incarcerated, recently released from incarceration, in a shelter, in an institute, or am homeless. How can I request my birth certificate?
16. I am a social worker, shelter representative, or lawyer firm requesting a certificate for my client. What do I need?
17. Can I call ahead for my birth certificate and can I pay over the phone?
18. Can I request my certificate through the mail?
19. Can I purchase my certificate online?
20. What will my relative need to get my certificate?
21. My name and/or other information on my birth certificate is incorrect. What can I do?
22. My name has been changed, how do I get a new certificate?
23. Can I request a birth certificate from any Health Department?
24. I was born in Lake County can I request a birth certificate from East Chicago?
25. What is considered genealogy?