Zoning Ordinances

Zoning Ordinance is intended to:

  • Govern the use of land and structures in the City
  • Provide a development review process that will be comprehensive, consistent, and efficient in the implementation of the Commission Plan and other adopted goals, policies, and standards of the City
  • Review and approve all proposed development of property in the City

The standards and regulation of the zoning ordinance will help design and make the Comprehensive Plan reality.

Special Use Ordinance

Special Uses is intended to amend the Zoning Ordinance text to provide for certain uses to be classified as “special uses” and allowed in certain zoning classifications only upon the showing that the proposed uses at proposed locations within the community promotes the public interest, public health, safety and welfare, public convenience, and should not adversely affect property values.

Subdivision Control Ordinance

Subdivision Control is intended to promote the purposes of securing light, air, convenience of access and safety from fire, flood, and other danger, lessening or avoiding congestion in public ways promoting the public health, safety, comfort, morals, convenience, and general public welfare, securing the conservation of property values, and securing responsible development and growth.

Fence Ordinance

Fence Ordinance is intended to provide a framework for the protection of the residents and property owners of the City of East Chicago, the general public, and public and private property through the regulation of the installation, erection, repair construction, placement and maintenance of fences on property located within the City of East Chicago.

Sign Ordinance

Sign Ordinance is intended to provide adequate opportunity for the erection of signs while reducing visual clutter and achieving an aesthetically pleasing appearance in the City of East Chicago. By this means, this ordinance will improve the visual environment of the City, eliminate traffic hazards caused by improper signs and ensure that information is presented safely and effectively.