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About Us

The Public Works Department seamlessly integrates Solid Waste, Parks, Utilities, and General Services Street departments to deliver comprehensive and efficient solutions for our community. Together, we work towards creating a cleaner, greener, and more vibrant urban environment.


The Public Works Department stands as the cornerstone of East Chicago's well-being. Our mission is clear: to provide residents with exceptional services through the safe and organized collection, disposal, and recycling of discarded materials. By prioritizing efficiency and the environment, we aim to enhance the health and vitality of the City of East Chicago, ensuring a sustainable and thriving community for generations to come.


Empowering East Chicago with excellence is our departmental goal. We are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services to our residents. Explore the array of services our department provides to enhance the well-being and satisfaction of the community we proudly serve. #KEEPINGEASTCHICAGOCLEAN


Responsibilities include:

  • Annual Bagless Leaf collection (begins Oct and runs thru December) 
  • City Wide Janitorial Services 
  • City Wide Landscape Program 
  • City Wide Lawn Maintenance Program (as per Code Enforcement)
  • City wide vehicle maintenance 
  • Compost/Brush pick-up
  • Dickey Road bridge management 
  • Garbage Collection
  • Garbage Toter and Dumpster Delivery
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Installation of street signage and/or signs
  • Municipal building repairs and maintenance
  • Park Maintenance 
  • Recycle Collection
  • Recycling Toter Delivery 
  • Rubbish Collection
  • Rubbish Disposal 
  • Snow Plowing/Removal
  • Special Events Assistance 
  • Street Repairs through pothole patching
  • Street Sweeping
  • Tree pick up (Branches only) 
  • Tree Trimming (City property) 
  • Vacant lot Clean up 

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