Public Works


Front Pickups only:

ALL Recycling Toters will have to be placed in the front of your Home or Apartment within each District for pickup.

Recycling Pickup Days by District

Below are the days in which Residents should put out their Recycling Toters for pickup.

Monday’s- 1st and 2nd District 

Wednesday’s- 3rd and 4th District 

Friday’s- 5th and 6th District 


Residents are respectfully asked to put out their trash out on MONDAY Mornings. Trash will be picked up within a 72 hour period. Guadalupe Circle, Sunnyside, and Prairie Park residents pick up is on WEDNESDAY.    


The Public Works Department combines Solid Waste, Park, Utilities and General Services Street departments.


The mission of the Public Work Department is to provide services to the residents of East Chicago through the collection, disposal and recycling of discarded material in a manner that is safe and well-organized to enhance the health and welfare of the City of East Chicago.


A departmental goal to provide the residents of East Chicago the best services possible. Find information about the services that our department provides. 


Responsibilities include:

  • Abandon lot and maintenance through grass cutting and/or removal of debris (as per Code Enforcement)
  • Annual Bagless Leaf collection (begins Oct and runs thru December) and the distribution of city-wide garbage and recycle containers.
  • bridge attendant
  • City-Wide curb painting (per code)
  • Compost/Brush pick-up
  • Garbage Collection
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Installation of signage and/or signs
  • Minor municipal building repairs and maintenance
  • Park Maintenance
  • Recycle Collection
  • Rubbish pick-up
  • Snow Removal
  • Street Repairs through paving and/or patching
  • Street Sweeping

Collection Zones

The city is divided into Zones. Each zone is assigned a Supervisor and Foreman to assure the best services for our residents.

Snow & Ice Removal

Public Works - Snow and Ice Removal Information (JPG)