Collection Schedules


Residents are kindly requested to place their trash out for collection on Monday mornings. Our team ensures pickup within a 72-hour timeframe. For residents in Guadalupe Circle, Sunnyside, Prairie Park, and Marktown, your designated collection day is Wednesday. Please be advised that on city-observed holidays, there will be a delay in the regular pick-up schedule. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation during these instances.


1st & 2nd District - Monday

3rd & 4th District - Wednesday

5th & 6th District - Friday


1st, 2nd, 3rd District - Tuesday

4th, 5th, 6th District - Thursday 


Residents are kindly requested to call our office (219) 391-8463 before placing items in the alleyway. For residents in Guadalupe Circle, Sunnyside, and Prairie Park your designated rubbish collection day is Wednesday. City crews operate in a systematic manner, addressing rubbish pickup district by district in the alleys. Note that truck-worthy loads will be reported to Code Enforcement.


  • Ensure that all recycling toters are thoughtfully placed at the curbside of your home or apartment within each district.

  • Please use trash bags for all garbage; avoid loose items. (NO LOOSE GARBAGE, PLEASE!)

  • Ensure your trash receptacle is easily accessible. (City Employees are not permitted to enter private property.)

  • Please refrain from putting Hazardous Materials in the trash. For assistance with hazardous materials please contact the Lake County Hazardous Waste center at 219-853-2420.