TechNICAL Review committee

Required Documentation for Technical Review:


  • Tuesdays @ 10:00AM cst  (scheduled as needed).
  • For more information contact the planning department.

Agendas & Technical Corrections

  • Listed owners, architectural firms, and project managers will be notified which meeting their petition will be presented to the plan commission at.
  • Petitioners will be given technical comments during the meeting, and will be sent in writing after the meeting has concluded.

Meeting Location

Meetings are scheduled at the City Hall Common Council Chambers unless otherwise notified.

Committee Members

  • Building Department - James Portalatin/Dave Matthews
  • City Engineer - Julio Arichavala
  • City Planner- Debbra Gritters
  • Stormwater/ MS4 - Jose Cisneros 
  • Fire Inspector - Jose Campos
  • Health Inspector - Rosalba Cisneros
  • Sanitary Solids - Ken Myers
  • Water Department Director Winna Guzman

For more information or questions, please contact:

Planning Dept.
  • Office:  (219) 391-8205