Stormwater Related Projects

Downspout Disconnection

In May of 1964, East Chicago passed Ordinance No. 2835, which regulates the discharge of waters and wastes into the public sewers system. This made the connection of sump pumps and gutters to the sanitary sewer system illegal.

In the 2000's the Stormwater Management team made it a task to get every residential property informed and disconnected. While this project was overall a huge success, there are still some homes in East Chicago that are connected to the sanitary sewer. 

For more information on downspout disconnection in East Chicago, click  here. 

Outfall Maintenance Project 2023

An outfall is the area where storm water is collected, concentrated, and/or conveyed and then discharged into a local water body such as the Grand Calumet River, Indiana Harbor Canal, or Lake George Canal. All of these waterbodies eventually lead to Lake Michigan. It is important to keep local stormwater infrastructure maintained in order to prevent flooding and different pollutants. 

In October 2023, five outfalls were selected to have maintenance work performed. This work included regrading surrounding soil, removing harmful or excessive vegetation, adding weed barriers and new riprap,  and stabilizing the area. 

Of the five outfalls, two were located in Roxana, one by the Water Department, one by Public Works, and one east of Kennedy Avenue. Below are before and after pictures of the work done to Outfall 4 in Roxana.

Outfall 4 Before


Outfall 4 After