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Basketball Half Court Rental Unity Center and Heritage Hall

    Rate for half court: $45.00 per hour + $3.15 Tax = $48.15 TOTAL PER HOUR
    I have read, fully understand, and agree to abide by the rules, regulations, and restrictions governing the use of the gym. Also, I understand that I must be on site for the rental and agree to assume all responsibility for any damage to park property and to clean-up the facility and leave it in its pre-rental condition. I also agree not to hold the City of East Chicago responsible for any injuries sustained by me or others while using the facility. The Park Department will not accept partial payments.
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    1. All rentals, except East Chicago Parks & Recreation, must have a permit to use any facilities. 2. All rental fees must be paid in full no less than fourteen (14) days prior to the date of the renter’s schedule use. If the fee is not paid in full by that fourteenth day, East Chicago Parks & Recreation reserves the right to charge a twenty-five ($25.00) late fee and/or cancel reservation. Your rental fees will be kept if you fail to cancel three (3) weeks prior to your event. 3. The fees can be paid at the main office by credit card, money order, or cash (exact amount only) or at the center cash only (exact amount is required) 4. The renter is personally in charge and responsible for the conduct of all persons in attendance at the facility. The renter will be held financially liable for any resulting damage to the facility and/or property within or surrounding the building. 5. The renter assumes all risks of loss, damage or injury to persons or property. East Chicago Parks & Recreation are released from all claims for such loss, damage or injury sustained while using the facility. 6. All permits are revocable; determination of fees, responsibilities and services are the discretion of the Park Board. 7. East Chicago Parks & Recreation reserves the right to rent or not to rent to groups and organizations. 8. East Chicago Parks & Recreation personnel will open and close the facility. 9. All users of East Chicago Parks & Recreation facilities shall assume the responsibility to leave said property in its original state. East Chicago Parks & Recreation may assess additional cleaning fees ($25.00 per hour) if the facility is not in clean condition. 10. East Chicago Parks & Recreation employees may not use park property or facilities for personal gain. 11. The renter will assume the cost of $35.00 if the East Chicago Parks & Recreation professional staff is called out to the facility any time during their rental time for any reason such as renter disturbance, user misconduct, etc.
    • NO Street, heels, or spiked shoes allowed • NO food or drinks expect bottled water (plastic only) • T-shirts must be worn at all times • Return all equipment after use • Dunking or hanging on basketball rims is prohibited • Good sportsmanship is expected • Gambling, fighting, threatening or indecent conduct will not be permitted • We are not responsible for lost or stolen items • Lock all valuables in assigned lockers • Anyone found defacing or damaging gym or equipment is subject to disciplinary action and will be held financially responsible. • Children 12 and under must be supervised at all times • Renter MUST vacate the premises by time specified on the renter’s agreement. • All Rules MUST be followed or rental will be cancelled, your group can be asked to leave and you will forfeit your rental fee. • RESPECT STAFF - Verbal and physical abuse towards our employees will not be tolerated. We will call police! ZERO TOLERANCE
  6. I have read and fully understand all the rules and conditions in this policy that is governing the use of the facilities and I take full responsibility for any actions that may take place during the use of the building and/or grounds.
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