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2024 New Business Ribbon Cutting (E-form)

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  2. 2024 New Business Ribbon Cutting Form

  5. 1. Will you be planning your own grand opening for your new business?*
  6. 2. Are you interested in the City of East Chicago assisting in a ribbon-cutting ceremony for your business?*
  7. 3. If so, will you be providing your own materials for the ribbon-cutting ceremony?*
  8. 4. Are you interested in being featured on the City Facebook page, EC Life Newsletter, or ECTV? (You must provide your own flyer and promotional material to share online)*
  9. By uploading your flyer, we can then feature the ribbon-cutting ceremony to promote your event.
  10. 5. Are you a member of the Lakeshore Chamber of Commerce? If not, are you interested in becoming a member contact their office at: (219) 931-1000.*
  11. This is a request to have a ribbon-cutting ceremony and inviting residents, media, and social networking of a new business opening up its doors.
    NOTE BEFORE CONFIRMING DATES with various forms of multimedia communications, the business owner needs to confirm with the City a day and time for the ceremony. Additionally, by having a ribbon-cutting ceremony, this does not guarantee the attendance of any city representatives when not allowing enough time to reserve a ceremony. Allow at least 3-4 weeks for the City to reserve a day and time to accommodate the ribbon-cutting ceremony.
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