The city engineer shall:

  • Assist the city plan commission and assist in the proper enforcement of the zoning regulations of the city
  • Be the traffic engineer for the city and have supervision of the streets and conduct studies of street traffic accidents, congestion and other conditions affecting safe and convenient use of the streets
  • Collect facts regarding the control of street traffic
  • Design any bridgeway or viaduct for the city
  • Design the construction, alteration and maintenance of all public ways or sewers within the city
  • Design the repairing or building of any public property unless otherwise provided
  • Have charge of all construction work on improvements, the construction and repair of all bridges and viaducts, the construction and repair of other work in the harbor and the construction or maintenance of all city waterworks, including the laying of all mains and water supply pipes
  • Have charge of all the engineering matters within the city and within the jurisdiction of the departments of public works
  • Keep accurate records of grades, lines of sewers, pipe lines of private and public corporations permitted under franchises or contract
  • Keep a record of the grades of all streets, alleys, sidewalks and other public ways
  • Make and keep a map record of all sewers, gas, water, electric, wire, heat and other pipe and conduits both public and private showing the size, depth, inclination, location, date of construction of the same and record every change which may be made in the same with all new connections and improvements
  • Plan and direct the methods and operation of traffic signs and signals, loading platforms and other street traffic marking and control
  • Plat all streets, alleys and public places in the city and preserve a record thereof
  • Prepare all necessary charts, blue prints, drawings and specifications for the board of public works and safety
  • Perform such other matters as may be required by law, by the duties of his office or by the board of public works