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Parks & Recreation Forms

  1. 2023 Mayor-A-Thon 5k

    The 2nd annual Mayor-a- Thon 5k Run/Walk is an event that encourages health, fitness , teamwork, and community pride. We welcome all... More…

  2. 2023 Rental Agreement Unity Center and Heritage Hall
  3. Adult Registration Form - Recreation Centers

    Unity & Heritage - Adult Registration From

  4. Jeorse Park Beach Clean up form

    Mayor Anthony Copeland and the East Chicago Marina Beach Clean up. Sign up as an individual or as a group. Get involved in helping... More…

  5. Recreation Center -Program Registration / Arts & Craft

    Unity & Heritage Program Form

  6. Senior Boat Trip Registration
  7. Senior Shipshewana Trip Registration
  8. Youth Registration Form - 2023 Summer Camp

    East Chicago Summer Camps

  1. 2023 Park Permit Application Form
  2. 2023 Special Event Permit Application
  3. Basketball Half Court Rental Unity Center and Heritage Hall
  4. Plant Purchase Form

    In an attempt to keep ourselves and the community safe, we are offering contactless plant pick up. Please fill out the following form... More…

  5. Recreation Program Proposal
  6. Senior Registration List 2022
  7. Veteran's Registration List 2023
  8. Youth Registration Form - Recreation Centers

    Unity Center and Heritage Hall